Mission Statement

Full Body Optimization is dedicated to delivering the best coaching regarding recovery, education, and performance to people of all ages utilizing the R.E.P. System.

Online Training

Full Body Optimization offers online training services that include weekly video calls, 24/7 messaging, individual exercise programming, individual recovery methods, and education to create a fully optimized body.

Owner: Carter Roe, B.S., CSCS

Carter Roe is a Strength and Conditioning Coach that specializes in athletic performance, nutrition, stress management, and corrective exercise for pain management. His goals are to optimize mind, body, and spirit with mental and physical wellness with everyone he helps. He has the prestigious NSCA CSCS to help athletes of all ages. He also has the CPT, CNS, and CES certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association and the NC1, HS1, and MS1 certifications from the Nutritional Coaching Institute to help everyday people. Carter graduated with his B.S. in HHP with a track in Exercise Science from the nationally ranked program at the University of Louisville.

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